We promote the quality and greater consumption of fishery products in our country.


We develop digital marketing activities for the cluster and its members


We cooperate with similar organizations and associations in the country and region.

Our tasks include

Promoting fishery products qualityRaising consumer awarenessProviding professional and counseling assistanceDeveloping digital cluster activitiesCooperating with similar organizationsNurturing common interests

“Naša Riba” aquaculture cluster was created at the initiative of leading Serbian companies engaged in aquaculture. The cluster was established to bring together all entities and individuals in the aquaculture and fishery sector and parties in the same value chain. The cluster aims to develop and promote fishery in Serbia. In addition, we want to raise awareness of the importance of fishery and put the general public in the picture about the quality of fish produced in Serbia.

Cluster information

What are the benefits of our cluster?

“NAŠA RIBA” cluster was founded to achieve common goals in the field of aquaculture in Serbia.

  • Representing common interests of our members

  • Promoting the consumption of domestic fishery products

  • Promoting sustainable development of the domestic fishery industry
  • Promoting human environment protection
  • Strengthening cluster capacity
  • Stimulating the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and information


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