Trout is one of the best quality freshwater fish considering the fact that it cannot live in polluted water. Its habitat is usually fast and extremely clean mountain streams and rivers.

Trout meat is extremely rich in IRON so it is recommended for people suffering from anemia.

Its homeland is the Pacific coast of North America, but it also extends to the Asian coast opposite the Alaska Peninsula. It was brought to Europe, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Africa, South and East Asia. It lives in clean waters with a high oxygen content and cold temperatures below 20 °C.

Name: Rainbow Trout
Latin name: Onchorinchus mikiss (Valbaum, 1792)
Maximum measured weight: 7,2 kg
Average weight: 0,25-0,35 kg
Maximum measured length: 0,6 m
Average length: 0,25-0,35 m

Its body is torpedo-shaped, slightly flatter on the sides. Its mouth is smaller; the upper jaw does not extend beyond the rear edge of the eye. It has smaller teeth than brown trout. The back of the rainbow trout is dark gray, bluish gray, and half of the belly is lighter silvery white. Along the lateral line and gill cover, there is a pink, iridescent rainbow stripe that is glossier during the spawning season. It has only tiny black or brownish-black spots on the body.

Rainbow trout spawns in early spring (March – April) until May. Then, its body gets even more expressive colors, the “spawn clothing.” At that time, the meat color also changes and gets a stronger fishy smell. It lays up to 2000 eggs and is sexually mature between the second and third year when it is 20 to 25 cm long.

Calorie content: 100-116 kcal / 100 g of fish meat
Fat content: 0.9-2.4 g / 100 g
Omega-3: 1-1.4 g / 100 g

It is prescribed to people with diabetes and high blood pressure. Trout is low-calorie fish and contains little sodium (40 mg in 100 g), so it protects against cardiovascular diseases. Trout is not only delicious and healthy but is also proven to be an excellent ally in the fight against bad mood. Trout meat contains vitamin B, which is an exceptional natural antidepressant. Bad mood, depression, stress, and tension can be caused by a modern fast lifestyle and very often improper diet. Trout has ingredients that improve mood by stimulating the secretion of hormones of happiness and pleasure.